Press On Nails

🪐Benefits Of Press On Nails

💅Minimizing Damage To Nails
    When you go to a nail salon every month, the process of removing the previous gel and reapplying new gel can cause some damage to your nails.Press on nails with sticky tabs educes the frequency of nail filing, thereby minimizing damage to your natural nails.
💅Variety Of Designs To Choose
    Press on nails come with different colors, shapes and patterns for you to choose from. You can easily find the patterns that would steal your heart.
💅Reusable To Use
    You can confidently reuse the press-ons for a couple of times if you get them removed properly each time you finished wearing them.
💅Easy Application For Special Events
    Press on nails are handy to carry and easy to apply, when unexpected things happen before your special event, and it can be that last-minute saver for your nails
💅Great Alternative To Going To The Salon
    Press on nails can be that great alternative to gel extensions, to help you achieve that polished look, save you the travel to the salon.

🪐Handmade VS Machine-made Nails?

💅Machine-made Press On Nails    
💅Machine-made Press On Nails   
.Flimsy and thin .Strong and reusable
.Print is not clear .Print is clear
.Fewer styles available .More design options available
.Cheap .Expensive

🪐Our Press On Nails

💅 Handmade Process 💅 Multiple Options 💅High-quality Material 💅 Effect Display
.7 layers
.no warping
.unique design
.hand painted clear
.no bending
.perfect arc
.durable & reusable
.no splitting
.no fading off

🪐How Do I Know If It'll Fit My Hands?

💅There are totally 15 sizes of nails for each set, and you can always file them down for a customized fit

🪐How Long Does It Stay?

💅Use sticky tabs, it will stay up for about 1 week.
💅 Use glue, it can usually stay for up to 2 weeks
💅Use solid nail gel, it can usually stay for up to 5 weeks
🌟Nails will stay longer with proper care

🪐How To Use?

 File your nails to remove surface oil Clean nails with alcohol cotton then keep them dry Stick jelly adhesive tabs on nails    Wear the nails &press them hard for 10-20 seconds


🪐How To Remove?

 Soak hands in warm water for 2 minutes The stick is removed from the edge Remove the sticker Keep the fake nails for next use