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  • Paula Mackenzie


    Once you get the hang of it they are cool

  • Jennifer Jones


    I’m really liking this cat-eye gel so far. I think it’s unique because most cat-eye effects only look good over black or other dark colors, but this one actually looks great on its own.

  • EMME


    I love these. Especially the greenish yellow and purple. I use it the most. If you combine all of them, it’s even more beautiful. These not big bottles but they last longer than expected. I do recommend buying if you like the colors.

  • Aubrey


    Im impressed with the durability. It hasnt chipped or peeled or anything. Fun to do. Love to stare at them. I'm probably going to get more.

  • Jamie Lampton


    They are so rich. Great quality polish and durable. I used my hands to lift, build and work all weekend and my polish still looks great

  • Sandra


    Beautiful colors and even comes with a magnet if needed! Works well!

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